Sunday, February 12, 2017

Vanilla Bean Macarons with Lime Curd Filling...YUM!

I decided to make some Macs again.  These little guys are a little finicky for me-especially in the summer when I am craving them most so I decided to try making them in the winter and it made ALL the difference for me!  My macs turned out perfectly and I was so thrilled.  Because they were so beautiful, I HAD to make them all fancy-schmancy (and take a boatload of photos!)
Isn't she just gorgeous???  I mean really!  It's a little magic in your mouth!
 LOTS and LOTS of "painting", some hand punched gumpaste toppers, lime zest and some little decor dots add the perfect touch to the top!
For real!  These little beauties were so fun to decorate.   You should give it a try!  I brought them to school and they were a hit!  You should have seen the eyes rolling up as they tasted them.  Made me smile!
Oh!  Wait!  I even whipped up the recipe so you could make some yourself!  Enjoy!  

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