Sunday, January 17, 2016

Honey Bacon Croissants...Mmm

Hello baking and cookie friends!

We're having our first snowfall of the season today and that means there is no better time than to turn on the oven and start baking...

I decided this was a MAJOR celebration and it calls for the big guns!  Yep...BACON!  Now, I don't really enjoy cooking greasy things especially when they splatter all over the place.  But...I can make an exception for BACON.  That means, I have to cook ALL THE BACON, because I am not getting more grease splatter all over again for a great-long while!  LOL

Last night, I headed over to to find a yummy bread recipe.  I've been craving biscuits for several weeks but then I spied THIS croissant recipe and thought that maybe, just maybe I could try my hand at making croissants.  I'm happy I gave it a try!  Although it was time consuming, the results were so yummy!  I now have some extras in the freezer for many more yummy breakfast treats!
Ok now...  wipe the drool from your chin, it's ok.  These were SO YUMMY!  If you know me, you know I don't do very well following directions.  I tend to take them as "inspiration" and I take a few tangents, tweak a few things and make things oh so much more difficult than they probably are, so it's probably no surprise that I tweaked the recipe, just a tad.  

I used some of my yummy 2015 inaugural batch of Flower Road Farm honey while cooking the bacon and then again a little brushing over the top.  It makes a great dipping sauce too...Just sayin'!  

I'm no professional so don't sue me if I didn't follow the "rules" of baking these tasty treats.  Heck, I don't even know those rules.  All I know is that they turned out amazing and had I been paying attention to my oven while making my yummy bacon, I would have taken these babies out a little sooner (they're a bit dark).  I blame it ALL on the BACON!  

Hope you enjoy this recipe.  I created a little PDF for you to snag if you'd like to make some yourself!  

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